Sign Materials

We use the best available materials when it comes to creating your signs and we are very selective about our vendors and the materials we purchase. We have your signage answer for any situation.  No matter what your sign needs require, our materials are high quality and get the job done.

4 Millimeter Corrugated Plastic

CoroplstCloseupCoroplast is a durable yet affordable sign material allowing for a high impact message at an extremely affordable price.  Coroplast has a fluted plastic appearance and is durable in any weather condition.

CoroplstCloseup2Lightweight yet very visible, it provides any industry the ability to project their message at an affordable price. Coroplast has the qualities to withstand the elements, and is normally used for short term sign usage.  Its affordability makes it a  great return on your signage investment.

3 Millimeter PVC 1/8 Inch

PVCPVC has longer durability characteristics and provides the answer to your more permanent signage needs.


The sturdy solid PVC material is a standard in the real estate industry and is adaptable to all weather conditions.  It adapts easily for either your indoor or outdoor signage requirements providing a permanent or temporary solution to any sign application.

This durable, yet surprisingly inexpensive material is great for office signage as well long term exterior advertisement signs. Due to its strong composition and durability any industry that needs a static business sign would benefit utilizing PVC.

6 Millimeter PVC 1/4 Inch

PVCMagnificationThis material offers all of the benefits of 3 Millimeter PVC in addition to have much better durability. Thanks to the material’s sturdy property, this functions as a great real estate sign when you need a semi-permanent advertisement for your next open house or listing.

.040 Aluminum

Aluminum SheetWhen you think of sturdy affordable and permanent signage, think of Aluminum.

With a smooth powder white coat finish, aluminum is the material for a long term, high strength sign.  One of the strongest yet still affordable materials used to create signs, coupled with its smooth surface, you get amazing color reproduction when your sign is made with our UV ink technology.

No matter what your industry or advertising needs, this is a great material for all types of signs due to its versatility and great look.

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